Toe-Toe with the Best of the Best

February 3, 2016

In the last 3 weeks, the 03 AAA Coyotes have played against 7 teams in the Top 15.

1/16   0-3   L   vs 03 LA Jr Kings AAA (#3)

1/17   2-4   L   vs 03 Colorado Thunderbirds AAA (#12)

1/29   1-3   L   vs 03 Boston Jr Eagles AAA (#10)

1/29   2-3   L   vs 03 Mid-Fairfield Jr Rangers AAA (#7)

1/30   0-6   L   vs 03 Team Comcast AAA (#8)

1/31   4-6   L   vs 03 Chicago Young Americans AAA (#5)

1/31   2-3   L   vs 03 Long Island Gulls AAA (#13)

While the results of those games were losses, you had to be there to appreciate just how close these games were (sans Comcast, we were flat against a very good team). Against #3 LA Kings, the team loses 0-3, but gave LA all they could handle, and if not for the officiating nightmare (we had 80 minutes in the box that game – yes, EIGHTY) that forced us to play short-handed two entire periods, different game. The list goes on – this last weekend in NJ against Mid-Fairfield and Chicago Young Americans, we lose a goal in the MF game to go ahead by 2 (called off) and CYA gets a phantom goal to go ahead by one. Momentum calls couldn’t have come at a worse time. No breaks, no bounces. But that’s hockey sometimes. Against the best you have to play your best and limit your mistakes. While we piled up some L’s, they were very tight games and the team grew through playing these challenging contests. Go Yotes!